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Nannie2   in reply to ENTERPRISES227   on


Dear 'Enterprise' A Hug Certificate sent right back to you! I hope you received many others!!

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Nannie2   in reply to truly dieing   on

truly dieing

Dear Truly, I am so sorry for your loss and what you are going through.There is hope and there is help out there for you.Please check the website that Elaine gave you.Also call the Salvation Army,and even talk to your Church Pastor.Both will certainly be able to guide you to the best places to find help,and offer any help they can themselves.The Salvation Army has given me a lot of help in the past,and so has the Church.Your children need you,and you will get the help you need to get through this terrible time.Prayer does help,and so do new friends.Please consider me a friend who cares about your well being,and your childrens.Email me anytime.Please!Take care of yourself and stay strong.God Bless You and your children.

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Nannie2   in reply to Nannie2   on

About Nannie2

After all you are going through,you took the time to write to me.What a sweet dear person you are.You don't deserve the pain and heartache you are going through-No one does.Especially where innocent children are involved who need your love and will have it.Don't give up!Have you tried contacting your Congressmen,Newspaper,TV Station?A lot of them jump at the chance to help in cases like this.I know how terrible the whole system is.No one is aware what anyone else is doing,if they know what they are doing in the first place! Have you contacted a Legal Aid lawyer? You have every right to one.I will be for you as well,and hope I am able to help in some way.I will certainly try!In the meantime,please take care of yourself.That's so important.Keeping up with those beautiful babies when they come home will be a bit of a handful.You are their Grandma,and have every right to have them-and you will! Don't give up hope,because i'm not.I'm here for you...~Ronnie

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About Nannie2

  My name is Ronnie.I am a Mom of 3 grown children who are all out on their own.I am disabled and unable to work outside the home,which leaves me a very limited income.
 I don't worry about myself though.As with any Mom,I worry when my children need financial help and I cannot provide it.That hurts me more then anything.My son lost a job he loved just a few months after becoming engaged.One of my daughters-Her husband of 7 months decided he didn't want to be married anymore.She was so upset,she just wanted to get it all over with,signed papers,and gave up rights to anything.
I pray every day,and I try to always keep my thoughts positive.I give them love and encouragement every step of the way.I would like all of you to know that if you need a friend-A shoulder to lean on,someone to talk to-I am a very good listener.
If anyone know's of any grant sites or can help me to help my children in any way,I would appreciate it so very much.I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I wish you all the very best best of everything,and may all your dreams come true........*Ronnie* 
Since I have last written, my oldest daughter has married again and moved to Cold Spring, NY. I am now a "Nana" to two beautiful boys. I have since moved to Cold Spring after numerous floods in my apartment in Staten Island. I was living with my daughter for a few months until I found a one room bungalow not far from her. I am, as before, disabled and on SSI. My limited income is still not enough to pay my bills or even have money left over for necessities like clothing, drug store items, etc. I am trying so hard to have a positive outlook and stay focused on the good things in my life, like my children and grandchildren. I still need help though, and would appreciate any advice. I have also been on the list for section 8 since 2007. Thank you and God Bless you all. I pray your needs are met.
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